What is Autism..?

Autism is a very complex condition that is observed in the early growing-up years of some children. Its characteristics are evident by age three and the disability is life-long. Autism affects the way the person communicates and relates to other people. Children with autism have difficulties with everyday social interaction. Their ability to develop friendship is generally limited as is their capacity to understand other people’s emotions. Autism is more prevalent among boys than girls (the ratio being 4:1) and 75% of autistic children also have learning disabilities.

Early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Rarely smiles when approached by caregivers.
  • Rarely imitates expressions.
  • Delayed or infrequent babbling.
  • Does not respond to his/her name.
  • Does not gesture to communicate.
  • Poor eye contact.
  • Seeks your attention infrequently.
  • Unusual body movements.
  • Delays in motor development.